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That Last Minute Decision


Well, the craziness continues and if you’ve been following me, it’s no secret that I am enjoying the craziness. The latest challenge, the Temecula Half Marathon. The struggle is real! LOL! I just started my endurance training 2 weeks ago! #craziness

A month ago, I was up to 7 or 8 miles and I was in duathlon shape but not really “half marathon” shape. I knew the Temecula Half was coming up and I was an entry winner from a previous run. All I had to do was sign up, but October 21st arrived sooner than expected. Dang it!


Well, two weeks ago, a good friend of mine convinced me to join her for her Sunday morning 10 miler training runs. TEN! She didn’t have to twist my arm because I was ready for the challenge and MAN I felt it. 2 weekends in a row.

I finally signed up for the Temecula half last Thursday and started praying and thinking_A LOT.

I wanted to finish the race in 1 hour and 40 “something’ minutes. I refused to completely stop. If I stopped running I better be walking at a fast pace. I knew I would be good for AT LEAST 10 miles. Well, 11 miles into it, I was AOK! Miles 12 and 13? Those two miles were another story but I ran/walk the last hill and sprinted to the finish because a couple of women decided to race me to the finish. UGH! I got’em. LOL!

SANDY FEET EVENTS did a great job with this half marathon. In the past, the route has been very hilly and we ran on an uneven dirt road. This year, the route was pretty straight forward. The road was paved and the only challenge was an 800 feet elevation between mile 3 and 7. No complaints AT ALL. I think “real races” should be challenging and this one delivered. The wine and beer garden was amazing but they needed more taco trucks! So, great job TEMECULA HALF and to the crazy, hardworking ladies of SANDY FEET EVENTS_”thank you” for a great time.


What I want to share with you…how MIND over MATTER really does work and this is how it worked for me.

  1. Stop doubting yourself. If you put the work in, have a grasp of what’s going on and you love what you do_leave doubt at the door.

  2. Visualize. For three days I visualized myself running each mile. I knew how I would feel and I could see myself running a particular pace, even if I had to walk, I knew how that would look and applied it to my Sunday’s race.

  3. Be realistic. At one point in my half marathon running life, I could pace at a 7:30-7:35 minute mile. I KNEW I was not prepared for that, so I figured if I could pace at an 8:30 mile, I would be good. 8:19 was my average pace.

  4. Stay strong mentally, physically and spiritually. I kept a positive mind, took care of my body and stayed positive. The day before the race, someone shared their negative/doubtful thoughts towards my race goal. It took me by surprise but I didn’t let it bother me. Right then and there, I knew I was ready for this race and would be successful.

  5. Learn from your experience. Each race I participate in, I learn more and more about who I am. No matter where I am in life. This race taught me, “mind over matter” is powerful and I need to start applying this theory to my real life. It’s happening and my life will be awesome and I am excited for the future!

Find Your Spark


Happy Thankful Thursday! 👋🏾

I am a proud ambassador for @momentumjewelry and this motivational wrap is dedicated and will be going to my oldest daughter! So get ready, here goes the proud mama stuff. 


My girl runs for the University of Pennsylvania and is a walking brain! She’s a hard worker and can fight her way through anything. 

Before she left San Diego in 2016 she was named the top female athlete and most decorated high school runner of all time in San Diego. Now she is becoming at top Ivy League runner! 😆

She has worked hard for everything and can clearly see where she is going. 

One thing that we do before and after every one of her races; we discuss strategy and mindset. She still calls me today before and after every meet. If there is ONE thing I tell her before every race...”Don’t worry”, focus, run hard, have fun and learn from the experience! . . . win or no win

If you have a young athlete in your home and “THEY” WANT to be an athlete encourage them everyday to put in the work, envision being the best and have fun! It’s not about the win, it’s about finishing, learning and feeding their soul. My girl LOVES running and learning. I am so proud to step back and witness her greatness (win or no win). She’s amazing!...I’m NOT gonna 😭 😉...I'm not crying! 

  • PUT THE WORK IN. Listen to the coaches, learn why you are training the way you are and work hard.

  • LEARN. There are no mistakes in life. What happens is what happens. No one can turn back time so learn from what YOU think is a "mistake". Write it down. Practice not to do it again. MOVE ON.

  • HAVE FUN. The training is the hard part, the competition will be the fun part. Testing your skills, focusing on what you want and pushing through the negatives to get to the positives. This is what you worked hard for.

  • FEED YOUR SOUL. Sometimes you see other athletes work so hard but never get over the hump. They only do so much to get by. It's the athletes that are hungry for the win, they are hungry to feed their soul because their sport is everything. Those are the ones who succeed, whether they win or not, they are happy with who they are and how their hard work paid off.



Just so you know, I am reshaping my life as a single, grown-ass woman and my blog will probably follow suit. Every weekend I am looking for a new adventure and since I am usually in San Diego with one busy teenage daughter, I will scour the city with my love for running, cycling, meeting new people and eating good food! If you haven't figured it out already, staying active is my drug of choice.

This weekend involved a warrior (that's me), a couple of tough workouts (cycling and running), and a nice set of wounds (STRAWBERRIES and BRUISES!). 

All I wanted to do this weekend was train on my road bike and put in some running miles. The LaJolla half marathon is coming up in 4 weeks and the duathlon season starts in May. So, the goal was to complete 6 miles this week, see how well or not so well I felt and start building from there. I mean I just completed a 15 mile duathlon 3 weeks ago and two 5K runs last weekend. So, I should be good to go!

Everything went well. I got up on time, had everything I needed to get started and headed out around 7am! I was good until I hit mile 3...I thought it was mile 3 and it was actually mile 2. I was BORED 2 miles in! Oh boy. 

When I finally reached mile 3, I got my head together, found a nice pace and kept going. Everything was fine except for my legs. They were D R A G G I N G, particularly my left leg and that's when I remembered I trained the day before on my road bike! Once I figured that out, I decided to take it easy, enjoy the nice morning weather and...BAMMMM...I fell and I fell hard at mile 5.46. Yep, I was almost THERE! 

The fall happened so fast I couldn't save myself. My felt right knee skid across the cement while my left leg slammed into the ground. I think I missed my chin by just a few inches. YEAH, fun times. I mean, I haven't fell on a run in 12 YEARS!

How does one fall while running you ask? 

Don't you know the sidewalks move when you're NOT LOOKING? 

That fall hurt like HECKKKK but I got up, made myself walk through the pain. I could feel my knees swelling the entire way home, but I made it home. I stripped down to check out my wounds, grabbed the ice pack and laughed, asking myself the age old question...WHY DID THE CONCRETE HAVE TO MOVE? 


In the past couple of years I have been on a long, grown-ass run. Sorry, that's the truth and that's how I feel. This particular long run didn't feel like 6 miles, it didn't even feel like a marathon but it did feel like an ULTRA marathon , an ultra marathon with no "ultra" marathon training! When you don't train for an event, it's gonna hurt, just like this weekend's fall.

But lucky for me, I learned a few things in the past couple of years. You have to get up and WALK! You get up every day, shake it off and keep walking forward. You get up, shake it off, keep walking forward even through pain and disappointment. You get up, shake it off, keep walking forward, get people to train you so next time, you are prepared. You got it?


You can just get up, try and make it home, ice your leg, laugh at yourself and get ready for your next workout. HA!

Monday MOJO

I had a great conversation with a friend the other day about age and where we are in life.  We discussed our past life, our young life and then he said something that really struck me! He said, "I plan on living well past 100, so I have all these years to do something amazing...".  Not only did he say it, he said it with such enthusiasm!

I have to admit, I never looked at my life that way. I thought I was running out of time and literally "running" to stay active while holding on to my youth. But to look PAST the sky and shoot for the moon_literally? Whole new way of thinking for me. 

So, I hope that whatever goals in life you may have, you think past the sky and shoot for the moon, the footprints on the moon. Think about what you really want and how will you get there? What does it look like and how does it feel?

My problem has been losing the ability to see past my nose! Becoming older with greater responsibilities can dull the idea of living life on the moon or even shooting for the SKY. But now, I'm going to take small steps here on earth, then image my steps in the sky and HECK...dream of my footprints on the moon! This will help me get closer and closer to my goals. 

Keep moving toward what you want and always take little steps to get closer and closer to what you want. Remember to NEVER GIVE UP!

Monday MOJO

Surround yourself with Greatness


As we move through January and push through our resolutions, I want to remind you not to forget about the people you surround yourself with. There will be times when you might want to give up or not even try to move closer to your goals. That's when you call on others to push you through. 


I have built a VERY SMALL team of women to encourage me to push through things in my life that seem absolutely impossible. I know DEEP DOWN I can do it but when I over think my goals, it's too much for me to soak in. So, I call on my team to help me through. Encourage me to keep going and REMIND me of how awesome I can be! 



  1. Find your crew. Encouraging, Trustworthy and Strong People who can carry and push you.
  2. Keep it small. You don't need an MC Hammer entourage, 2 or 3 peeps will do.
  3. Share your goals. You have to speak your goals out load, put it in the universe with people you trust.
  4. Start moving RIGHT NOW! Stop reading this blog and NIKE up! Just DO IT.