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Photo credits ACE Fitness

Photo credits ACE Fitness

It’s that time of the year and it’s CoLD outside. In the morning, the bed feels so warm, it’s hard to get up and get out. Well, training must go on and I love using Mel Robbins FIVE SECOND rule to push myself out of bed. What do you do?

Now, I know I am in San Diego and not in the middle of a winter vortex but I am VERY familiar with chilly winter mornings and biting-cold nights. I am a Missouri girl born and raised. So, I am very familiar with sprinting from the house to the car trying to avoid the cold. It never really worked.

This MIGHT motivate you to keep going. Last week, it rained every day in San Diego and it was cold. I got up every morning, grabbed my gear and headed out for my morning run or gym workout…IN THE RAIN. I had a half marathon coming up, I was not going to let the rain slow me down. It was amazing!

5 things to Beat the Cold and Keep it Moving_No Excuses

  1. PREP THE GEAR near the BED. In short of wearing your gear to bed, I prep my gear near the bed. I make sure all my gear is ready to go so I can get up, do a quick change and be ready to hit the front door before I really wake up and change my mind.

  2. COVER UP TRIGGER BODY PARTS. Did you know if you do not cover your head in cold weather, you could lose up to 50% of your body heat according to Harvard Health? A cold head can also trigger blood vessel constriction under certain weather conditions. For me, my ears, neck, hands and feet HaTE the cold weather. Cold body parts make for an uncomfortable workout, so COVER UP. Plus, you don’t want to get sick.

  3. YOUR GOALS SHOULD BE VISIBLE. If you want to lose weight, get stronger, compete stronger or run faster, skipping training days will not get you there. Make sure the goals you set for yourself are visible before you go to bed and when you wake up. So, when the alarm goes off and you are laying there thinking “WHYYYY?”, your goals will remind you.

  4. TRAIN WITH A PARTNER. If you are not training with someone already or using a personal trainer, find one. The best thing about training with someone, you hold each other accountable. If you’re a good human being, you will not leave them waiting for you in the cold and yes, I typed “if you’re a good human being”. Can you tell i’ve been left before? LOL!

  5. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF. When you actually push yourself through the cold, it’s only going to benefit you and it’s going to feel gooood! You will feel like a BADA$$ after fighting the cold air, finishing a great workout and prepping for the next big thing of the day!

Did you know that training in the cold builds character and strength? Training your body through uncomfortable conditions makes you stronger mentally and physically. You will be better prepared when training or competing under perfect conditions.

Be happy and stay fit!

Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule | Harvard Health

San Diego International Triathlon Relay

Ondry Leavitt-swim | Martina Maddox-bike | Nicol Hodges-run 1st Place Women 4th OVERALL RELAY TEAM

Ondry Leavitt-swim | Martina Maddox-bike | Nicol Hodges-run 1st Place Women 4th OVERALL RELAY TEAM


My duathlon training continues.  This past weekend I participated in my first Triathlon "RELAY". The last time I ran a relay was Big 12 Championships back in 1991? or 1992?. Let's just say, it's been a minute! The distance for this event was a 1K Swim, 30K Bike and 10K Run. I, of course, ran the 10K and I have to say I was a little NERVOUS. There were a total of 12 relay teams and, I THINK, 5 all female teams.

I was nervous about the run because I wasn't sure how long I could hold a fast pace for a full 10K run. I did surprise myself by clocking a 7:34 minute pace and my team won the female category! The ladies and I placed 4th overall! So, that was pretty exciting! 

While running the 10K, I mentally broke the race down mile by mile and chased a lot of ponytails. I felt really strong and I kept telling myself "do NOT slow down"! 

The athletes that did the full event on their own, I have so much respect for. It's not easy to jump on a bike after a 20 minute swim and then switch out of your bike shoes into running shoes and run like the wind after being on the bike. So, the pace is different, the mentality is different and it's challenging in a good way! 

When competing in endurance races, it takes a toll on your body...quickly. Here are a few suggestions that I recommend AND have worked for me.


1. Protein. Your muscles need protein and oxygen to rebuild and recover. Yogurt, smoothie or your favorite protein powder will do the job.

2. Vitamin C. Your immune system breaks down after every endurance event. Vitamin C builds and repairs tissue. Talk to your doctor first but it's a great way to keep you on track and in front of those minor colds after a big race. 

3. Massage. Oh my goodness! Your muscles will L O V E you post race if you can get a massage. This is a great way relax muscle tissue, improve circulation, remove toxins and improve your range of motion.

4. Pedicure. Not only is this a great way to get good looking feet, it also helps improve blood circulation in the feet and calf muscles. Your feet and legs take a beating when competing, say "thank you" with a nice pedicure.

5. Hydrate. Before, during and after an event DRINK WATER. You lose so much water while racing. To prevent muscle fatigue and de-hydration, you need to drink as much water as possible post workout. 8-10 cups a day on average, athletes 10-13+ a day.

Pushing Through and Running Everything!

My legs are so skinny, I had to make sure both were in the photo so you can actually read what these old socks have to say!

I feel like I am coming back. Now that there is less stress on my body (really in my head), I can push through and get back to training.

If you know me, I train like I am heading to the Olympics in 2020. I love running and staying active. It's like breathing_literally for me! I must have it to SuRvIVe! LOL!

Now that I am healthier and have officially fought off that nasty cold/flu monster, I am ready to get back out there and compete. The journey back has been challenging but I am happy that I am moving and grooving again.

My goals are to increase my upper body strength, endurance and running performance. I would love to go for Team USA in my age division for duathlons but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to road cycling. So, time will tell. 

Whatever your goals are this year, I hope you are taking significant steps (big or small) to get yourself closer to your goals. There will be setbacks but that doesn't mean you are set...back! It's just a little bump in the road, a lesson to be learned or simply a time to completely rest your body. Keep your eyes on the prize, don't look back and keep your goals close to your heart. You will get there!

This week's workout included the following:

  • Monday: 2 mile run and upper body workout with 8 flights of stairs.
  • Wednesday: 30 minute run 60 push-ups
  • Friday: 3 mile run 60 push-ups and upper body workout
  • Saturday: Goal 20 mile bike ride. Accomplished 14 mile bike ride 60 push-ups and upper body workout
  • Sunday: Easy long run. Goal 6 miles. Accomplished 4.35 miles

3 Exercises 1 Workout


Looking for a simple exercises you can do almost anywhere? My 3 n 1 Workouts are a perfect way to get moving and get in shape on your own. You will see results within a month if you pick 3 videos you like and do them consistently for 3-4 weeks. Find a plan or video at that will work for you and start moving now!

Absolutely free and if you have questions, look to your right and email me! Good luck!



Flaxseed: Great Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids


FLAXSEED is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B1 and fiber, just to name a few. Omega 3-fatty acids are a polyunsaturated fatty acids that are needed for numerous normal body functions such as controlling blood clots and building cell membranes in the brain! In my kitchen I add flaxseed to my pancakes and homemade apple pies. The high temperature of the stove or oven will NOT effect flaxseed or alter the effects of flaxseed. So, BAKE ON! I always find awesome recipes for flaxseed at the Black Bean Burgers! Happy Eating!

Always check with your doctor or dietician before adding something new to your diet!

Vista Strawberry 10K and 5K

I finished another amazing Vista Strawberry 5K run! I had a blast and, as always, everyone was upbeat, fun and great to be around. The start was a little difficult because there were so many kids...which isn't a problem...but when you are trying to get a good time and bolt out of the starting line, you just don't want to knock over a child. So, luckily, the parents were great. They guided their kids on where to run and how to watch our for runners coming up behind them.

One guy I met, Dave, stood at the starting line with me and my running buddies. It was his first 5K and he did GREAT! Had a nice stride throughout the run and then bolted to the finish line. I was right behind him trying to hang on. 

As far as my run, it was surprisingly good. When I started the race, the first thing I noticed were my feet. They HURT, like achy and sore. I didn't get that but I got over it. That was the first mile. Hitting the second mile I did get comfortable and maintained a good pace, I believe it was 7:15 min/mile. When the third and last mile hit, I knew the end of the race was coming and wasn't sure when I wanted to start picking up the pace. Well, apparently I came close to a woman who was running along the VERY SIDE of the road. I saw here but didn't think anything of it. Well, she saw me and started to pick up the pace and jump in front of me. That was cool but then I read the back of her said, "IF YOU CAN READ THIS, I AM BEATING YOU!". That wasn't cool, so I had to roll around her and go after another woman I wanted to catch.

So, with a half mile left, I picked up the pace. I wanted to literally throw up but I could see the finish line and bolted like an old lady with her tongue hanging out! LOL! I know I probably looked ridiculous but I finished in 78th place, won my age division and ran a 7:12 min/mile. Oh YEAH! That made me SO HAPPY! 

If you are looking for a great family event, The Vista Strawberry Festival is the place to be around Memorial Day Weekend! My next event will probably be the Scripps Old Pros 10K run! I am definitely into running and training again, so much so, I had to really pace myself. I hope to see you out there and if I do, let's say HI and run together. Happy Running!


WaTeR WedNesDay WoRKouT!


Ladies 9-10 glasses and Fellas let's shoot for 10-13 glasses today!  A healthy body is a hydrated body!

Grab your water bottles and start filling them UP! If you are moving you need to be drinking...WATER! I think I change the amount of water everyone should be drinking each week, but it's ok, I want to see you guzzle the water down and running to the bathroom every hour on the hour!


  • 10 minute warm (elliptical or treadmill or jog outside)
  • Body Weight Lunges 12 each side *
  • Push-ups 12
  • Pike Sit Ups 12
  • Walk/Jog or Run 2 minutes (med pace)
  • REST 2 minutes REPEAT ABOVE starting with Body Weight Lunges

Just Breathe

Nic's Training Tips 101: Breathing. Please note to always talk to your doctor if you are having problems breathing when working out or running. The information is general and I am not a doctor. 

How in the world do you breathe effectively during a workout? I get this question all the time and rightfully so. . .breathing is kind of important. It's important to get the proper amount of oxygen to your muscles in order to perform at your best! Right? When strength training it is important to inhale at a relaxed state and exhale during exertion. For Cardio, breathing in and out of your nose is the standard and as intensity increases, breathe through your mouth. If you are still having problems, count with each rep or find a rhythm to in/exhale when running or cycling. This will teach your body to breathe effectively over a period of time. Get moving and don't hold it in. . .breathe.

Make Time

  • Pre-workout snack? Check!
  • Light and comfortable workout clothes? Check!
  • Water? Check!
  • Great training shoes? Check!
  • Time? ...Eh...Well?

Now by the time you read this, I have completed a 3 mile run,  a few sit-ups, push-ups and hopefully be ready for my day. I don't know about you but time is always of the essence and it's not always easy to get a good workout in. Well, I am here to tell you...NO MORE EXCUSES! 

COME ON! You want to be at your best. You want to be strong and fit in those special jeans, right? No? YES! Well, you have to make time for your workout.

Whether you workout hard for 20 minutes or 2 hours, you have to get it in. Here are a few tips to getting that workout in even if your day tries to tell you that you can't. 

  • Get up an hour earlier and get a good 25-30 minute HIIT workout done.
  • Grab your gear, pack it up and head to the gym during your lunch break. At least grab your sneakers and take a walk when you can during the day.
  • Work in an office setting and it's hard to get a workout done? Grab your chair, slip off those heels and get a few tri-cep dips in, squats and get up a walk to the copier every 30 minutes. Find a way if you can.
  • Gotta take the kids to practice? While they are at practice, start your own practice and take time out for yourself to walk, run or have your own boot camp of exercises to get you moving.
  • Join a gym and take a class that you enjoy 2 or 3 times a week after work. You meet new like-minded people and join others that will encourage you to keep coming back. 
  • Map out your day and start eliminating things that are not productive or helpful in your life and replace those time slots with a good workout.

You can find a way, you just have to push yourself. Let's push ourselves! Happy Monday!