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It’s Monday but this message is really for any day of the week. Each one of us has something amazing to offer from hard work to lending a helping hand. No matter what it is, the world needs it right now.  

The people who love you and, even those who may hate you need to see your amazement shine through. Why? It gets people thinking, “what can I do to be better?”. If you can create a domino effect of all things good, it makes life more enjoyable and gives others something to strive for.

So, even if it’s just for one day...let your amazement sign and share it with the world!  



         Smile, it's Monday! Let's get it.   

         Smile, it's Monday! Let's get it.   

1. Set the tone for the week by proclaiming your week will be a good, positive week! 

2. Make sure your goals and "to do" list are reachable and clearly defined for you to accomplish them.  

3. Do not let negative people or situations bring you down. YOU are in control and life is waiting for your positive contributions.  

4. It's MONDAY! Get in your head...You are healthy, smart and strong, ready to conquer anything.  

5. Stay focused and know that you have family, friends and people who support you 100%!  

Water Wednesday

You know what to do! Grab those water containers, fill them up and get ready to release yourself all day!

8-10 for women and 10-12 for the guys. Drink up! 

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         Proud ZEROWATER Ambassador! 

Tuesday Training Tips

1. Have fun. Getting in shape is a part of life, so make it fun. Find something that challenges you but also puts a smile on your face. If you don't enjoy it, you will not stay in shape.

2. Know your limits. It's like running a marathon and you never trained for one. You will more than just the burn of a long run the next day. You could injury yourself. Same holds true starting a new workout, take baby steps and increase the intensity by 10-15% per week. Your trainer knows!

3. Plan ahead. It's always good to plan ahead because if things do fall apart, hopefully you will have an alternative. Make sure you have proper gear, water and a "let's do this" attitude before you get started.

4. Work hard. Yes, I told you to have fun but to see results, you have to stay focused and work hard. Hard work = Results. Don't sell yourself short or doubt yourself. Stay on course.

5. Get good sleep. Oh yeah, sleep is a huge part of your daily workout. Get at least 7 hours of sleep.  If you think that's impossible, re-evaluate your schedule or take power naps throughout the day. I check my FitBit daily to make sure I had a good nights sleep. You can do it!



It's great to have goals but make sure your goals are realistic goals. The first thing I share with all my clients is realistic goals. Taking one step at a time and setting a workout schedule that will work for them and not everybody else.  

I have trained young athletes to a more mature client and getting them to share their goals and what they want is easy. Putting the work can be hard but the end result is always worth it and they are always ready for more. 

It's great to have goals, look at other "bodies" and aim for the stars, but remember your body is unique and responds to exercise differently than the person in the picture. So, get with a trainer who will help you find what you are looking for, explain what will work for you/what will not work for you and help you get started...NOW! It's never too late to start.