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Water Wednesday Fitness Tips: "Keeping Your Water Bottle Loaded"


When pushing through a tough workout hydration is key. Water, in particular, prevents dry mouth, headaches, keeps joints lubricated and muscles oxygenated. Water is the medium for most chemical reactions in the body, especially metabolic reactions involved in energy production. Daily water recommendation for men is 3.3 liters a day (or approximately 13 cups) and for women, 2.2 liters a day (or approximately 9 cups) . If you are active...keep it coming!

If you are not sure you are getting enough water, check the following. Are you experiencing little to no urine, dry mouth, sleepiness, confusion and/or extreme thirst? If so, start filling up that water bottle and keep it by your side all day, every day! 

When exercising for 30 minutes or more, I recommend drinking water every 10 minutes to keep you from over heating and energized. Drink up and have fun! 

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San Diego International Triathlon Relay

Ondry Leavitt-swim | Martina Maddox-bike | Nicol Hodges-run 1st Place Women 4th OVERALL RELAY TEAM

Ondry Leavitt-swim | Martina Maddox-bike | Nicol Hodges-run 1st Place Women 4th OVERALL RELAY TEAM


My duathlon training continues.  This past weekend I participated in my first Triathlon "RELAY". The last time I ran a relay was Big 12 Championships back in 1991? or 1992?. Let's just say, it's been a minute! The distance for this event was a 1K Swim, 30K Bike and 10K Run. I, of course, ran the 10K and I have to say I was a little NERVOUS. There were a total of 12 relay teams and, I THINK, 5 all female teams.

I was nervous about the run because I wasn't sure how long I could hold a fast pace for a full 10K run. I did surprise myself by clocking a 7:34 minute pace and my team won the female category! The ladies and I placed 4th overall! So, that was pretty exciting! 

While running the 10K, I mentally broke the race down mile by mile and chased a lot of ponytails. I felt really strong and I kept telling myself "do NOT slow down"! 

The athletes that did the full event on their own, I have so much respect for. It's not easy to jump on a bike after a 20 minute swim and then switch out of your bike shoes into running shoes and run like the wind after being on the bike. So, the pace is different, the mentality is different and it's challenging in a good way! 

When competing in endurance races, it takes a toll on your body...quickly. Here are a few suggestions that I recommend AND have worked for me.


1. Protein. Your muscles need protein and oxygen to rebuild and recover. Yogurt, smoothie or your favorite protein powder will do the job.

2. Vitamin C. Your immune system breaks down after every endurance event. Vitamin C builds and repairs tissue. Talk to your doctor first but it's a great way to keep you on track and in front of those minor colds after a big race. 

3. Massage. Oh my goodness! Your muscles will L O V E you post race if you can get a massage. This is a great way relax muscle tissue, improve circulation, remove toxins and improve your range of motion.

4. Pedicure. Not only is this a great way to get good looking feet, it also helps improve blood circulation in the feet and calf muscles. Your feet and legs take a beating when competing, say "thank you" with a nice pedicure.

5. Hydrate. Before, during and after an event DRINK WATER. You lose so much water while racing. To prevent muscle fatigue and de-hydration, you need to drink as much water as possible post workout. 8-10 cups a day on average, athletes 10-13+ a day.

Working Out with The Band

Tuesday Training


Walking, running, sitting and cycling are movements that happen in your sagittal plane of motion. Since most of us live in this plane, it's nice for a trainer like myself to challenge your other planes of motion. Why? So you can strength all the muscles and tendons that surround the bone and prevent unnecessary injuries. When moving your extremities away from your body, side to side, you are moving in your front plane of motion. Usually you put stress_good stress_on your shoulders, triceps, core, glutes and iliotibial band, also known as your IT band! I just finished this workout and my butt is on FIRE...that's a good thing.

  • Video edit - NIC (my alter ego)
  • Music - FADED by Not the King

3 exercises / 30 seconds each / 3 rounds / 5 rounds for a real challenge

  • Squats with overhead press - BAND AROUND ANKLES
  • Side to side walking planks - BAND AROUND WRIST (drop the butt)

Training Tips for Walking

This one is for my mother. She is a walker and reminds me every day how many steps she has accomplished and it's usually well over 10,000 steps! You keep going, Mom, I'll blog about it. 

The Guardian recently published an article on why a Fitbit or similar gadgets are no longer needed. The writer believes that fitness gadgets cause more stress than helping people achieve their fitness goals. Of course, I have to say, a FitBit does not have to be a stressor unless you allow it to be. Let me remind you that nearly 50% of the American population do not lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Nearly $120 billion of healthcare costs are due to inactivity.  The FitBit and similar gadgets are motivators. If you get 2,000 steps in or over 10,000 steps, be happy that you moved! Let's not discredit why fitness gadgets were invented for in the first place. They are motivating and convenient to millions of people. If a FitBit motivates you to move and you make it fun, wear it. If it truly stresses you out, you're right, you don't need it but don't discourage others who love their FitBits and the communities they have built around them.


  • Even when you walk you have to pick the right shoes and I love shoes, especially the "sneaker kind"! But seriously, your shoes should be sturdy, well-cushioned and supportive. Talk to a foot specialist and find out if your feet are flat, normal or if the arches are too high. This will determine what type of walking shoes you will need to be fitted for.
  • Your walking shoes should a size and a half bigger than your regular working shoes. This will allow room for your feet to move and adjust when walking/running along various surfaces. 
  • Your gait includes your pace, stride, step and bearing. It's important to make sure each step is comfortable, you move at your own pace and your stride is not too short or wide.
  • Your posture is extremely important as well. Standing up straight with your shoulders back and down, chest out, as well as your hips, knees and toes facing forward is the key to prevent injury or strain to your body.
  • Try not to carry heavy bags or weighted objects that will offset your posture or stride.
  • 10,000 steps a day equals 5 miles, as well as stronger legs, heart and healthier lifestyle. Be the first to challenge your family, friends and co-workers. Get people moving with you to accomplish your goals.  REMEMBER, if you don't hit 10,000 steps in a day, the world will not end! 




I have these massive veins

in my hands and neck. When I am in tip top shape, they pop up along the front of my arms and legs as well. I get my crazy veins from my mother. Her hands are veiny too. I use to hate them because when I was younger_high school / college the kids would make fun of me. 

Now when I look at my veins, I LOVE THEM! I appreciate my veins. They remind me of all that good blood flowing & pumping through my body!

Think of an area on your body that you don't particularly get excited about BUT if you really think about it, it could be a sign of strength. Maybe you have massive calves or broad shoulders, a wide back or a big butt. Yep, I said it! Something may look off to you but someone else, they are looking at you like your BOSS!

My Granny is BOSS! She is no longer with us but I remember her being top heavy with legs that were KIND OF skinny compared to the rest of her body and guess what, they were veinyI NEVER heard her complain about her body or what she looked like. She would make little jokes here or there but she was very happy being Mattie! My Granny was a big ball of energy and her presence was BOLD! I would look at her and see amazement, strength and joy. She was ALWAYS happy, laughing and EVERYBODY knew her! Men LOVED HER! 

My point, there is so much pressure on women to look our best or look like someone we are not. From the way we dress to how we comb our hair to what we were or don't wear. The pressure is on.  Many go under the knife to find perfection (and there's nothing wrong with that_I could use a boob job! LOL!), I just hope we are truly happy with who we are inside before we start changing what we think is wrong on the outside.  Body shaming is real at every age and stage of our lives. Girls are falling victim and older women are being shamed FOR simply AGING! It's gotta stop and it starts with you and me.

Beating yourself up over your body image will make you crazy OR at least the people around you. Making fun of other women is down right mean and cruel. For me, I have a very small chest, skinny legs, knobby knees, lots of gray hair coming in (thank GOD for hair color) and big feet!!! I think my butt is shrinking too...but THAT'S WHAT I GOT AND THAT'S WHAT I WORK WITH! YEP. If I want to change something about my outward appearance, my motto, I better be happy on the inside first

Remember, it doesn't matter what you look like, what color your skin, what kind of hairstyle you sport, as long as YOU are happy with yourself, it doesn't matter what others say. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself, living a healthy lifestyle and really practicing self care.If you can do those three things, you are on the right fact you are PERFECT!  


BEFORE I FINISH TYPING THIS, MANY OF YOU WILL HAVE ALREADY ANSWERED THE NEXT QUESTION BEFORE I GET STARTED. Have you ever considered becoming VEGAN? I hear a 100 "no's" already and I completely understand, as I type this and eat my pasta with grilled chicken on the side. I mean, talk about eliminating meat, eggs and dairy? That's a lot to ask but that's only because meat, eggs and dairy is all most of us know!

Becoming vegan is more than eating plant-based only foods, it's a lifestyle, just like fitness and taking care of your body.

Vegans are strong advocates of NOT exploiting the cruelty of animals. From accessories and clothing to makeup and bathroom items, animal products and products tested on animals are found in more places than you might expect. Fortunately nowadays there are affordable and easily-sourced alternatives to just about everything.  (

Even though I am not a vegan, I support the vegan cause. My youngest daughter wants to become vegan after learning how animals are slaughtered for mass food production. I have to admit, I am not sure if it is a good alternative for a growing teenage female athlete but I am not 100% opposed to it. I am a mom first and ask the same questions any mother would ask...Will she get enough protein? Will she like vegan food? Will she get enough calories and have enough energy to get through the day? Is it healthier for her in the long run?

Well, just like fitness, I am allowing her to take one step at a time. She has asked to reduce the amount of eggs she eats per week. I make her lunch with vegan based "meat" a couple of times a week and she has asked to eat more salads and greens. So far so good...but we are not 100% but we are moving in the right direction.

I am NOT a nutritionist but I do believe in moderation and if you can become vegan or vegetarian, it's not a bad idea. Animals are being produced at a higher and faster rate. Many of them are pumped with steroids and are not plant based fed. The fish we consume have higher rates of mercury and the demand for these foods is really astounding once you start to do your research. 

Veganism has saved a lot of lives when it comes to reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It can take a lifetime to damage our bodies with food but if you catch on fast enough, veganism can literally save your life. You have more energy, the body recovers faster after being stressed from exercise and people poop on a regular basis. Yep, I said it! Eliminating meat from your diet can be beneficial but you have to do your research, talk to your doctor and find a good nutrionist. 

Find out how you can get started and share your concerns about eliminating meat from your diet. What I can tell you? You will not starve. You have to be willing to try a new way of cooking, eating and living. That's it! You will definitely feel better and meet your health goals faster. 

Check out these resources to learn more about VEGANISM!

Movies to watch:

Super Size Me

Hungry for Change

PlantPure Nation



It’s Monday but this message is really for any day of the week. Each one of us has something amazing to offer from hard work to lending a helping hand. No matter what it is, the world needs it right now.  

The people who love you and, even those who may hate you need to see your amazement shine through. Why? It gets people thinking, “what can I do to be better?”. If you can create a domino effect of all things good, it makes life more enjoyable and gives others something to strive for.

So, even if it’s just for one day...let your amazement sign and share it with the world!  



Flaxseed: Great Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids


FLAXSEED is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B1 and fiber, just to name a few. Omega 3-fatty acids are a polyunsaturated fatty acids that are needed for numerous normal body functions such as controlling blood clots and building cell membranes in the brain! In my kitchen I add flaxseed to my pancakes and homemade apple pies. The high temperature of the stove or oven will NOT effect flaxseed or alter the effects of flaxseed. So, BAKE ON! I always find awesome recipes for flaxseed at the Black Bean Burgers! Happy Eating!

Always check with your doctor or dietician before adding something new to your diet!

When to get Started


How many times have you heard. . .

  • I will start that new diet on Monday.
  • There's a new workout plan I think I will start on Monday.
  • I have until Monday to stop eating sweets.
  • Monday is the day I will stop smoking...cold turkey. 

Hey, it's OK! We all need a starting point and Monday seems like the perfect day. . .but is it really? Check out these 5 steps to get you started on something new and possibly stick with it!

1. Don't pick MONDAY. Start on a day that is realistic for you. Think about all the things you HAVE to get done on a Monday. Work, family, traffic, traffic, work, family and then sleep! Monday may NOT be the ideal day.

2. Pick a workout that is super simple and build from there. 10-20 push ups a day sounds good. 15 sit-ups might work for you or a little yoga in morning for 20 minutes could be a great way to get you started on a daily routine.

3. Find a picture of your goal weight (again something realistic) and stick it. Not everyone can be Beyonce, trust me, I tried, but you can be the best version of yourself and rock it! Everyone's make up is different and when you realize that it's harder than expected to get the perfect abs, butt or legs, people tend to give up. Know your body type and find pictures of others who are similar to you.  Even if it's an older picture of your fitter self, that will work! 

4. EAT right. Do not starve your body of any minerals or nutrients unless instructed by your doctor. Eat 3 square meals a day, watch your portions and make sure your meals are colorful, as well as fresh.

5. Timeline your goals. It's great to figure out what you want and how you are going to do it but make sure you put a timeline on those goals. If you give yourself 4 weeks to shave off a couple of pounds and gain muscle, take note and stick to the plan. Then once you hit that goal, make another goal for the next 4 weeks. Always challenge yourself and change it up.

These are the five things I do when I am starting over with a new workout routine. I always take a 2 week break after a major event and starting over is never easy so I always keep it simple and motivating. Good luck and have fun!

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