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The "Beast-Mode" Syndrome

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Beast Mode Syndrome is a real thing. Really. Just “read me out”.

This past weekend was an active one. On Saturday, I hosted a 30 mile bike ride and Sunday I participated in a 15K run. Not too bad, right? Yeah, right. My legs LOVED me by Sunday afternoon…that’s not 100% true. None the less, I had a great time hanging with the San Diego Chapter-Black Girls Do Bike and running with all the crazy St. Patrick’s Day runners in Temecula the very next day. It was a GORGEOUS weekend.

I have to admit, I was surprised at how good I felt after my 15K run. Granted, I was a little tired and hungry but it wasn’t until I headed back to my car, I was waiting for traffic to die down and it hit me. It hit me hard! I suddenly felt like a BEAST! I felt strong, unstoppable, hard core and kind of amazing all at the same time! I could not believe I survived such a high impact weekend! OH YEAH, I had all the symptoms of BEAST MODE SYNDROME.

Have you ever had a time in your life when there was A LOT going on and you had NO IDEA how you were going to get through it but you did? You made it to the other side and accomplished more than you expected. It could have been a project at home, work or some kind of physical activity. Take the time to pat yourself of the freak’n back, be proud of yourself and tell somebody “I got that BEAST MODE SYNDROME going on!” and keep pushing forward.

It’s OK, bask in it, baby!

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Rock The Bay Triathlon | Duathlon Event

Another race down and one more to go before the season ends. Rock The Bay San Diego Triathlon was a nice, challenging race. Loved it! The course was simple and straight-forward. Next year, if you decide to do a KOZ event for the first time (beginner) do the Solana Beach Tri|Du event in late July. If you can not make that event, Rock The Bay would be my second suggestion.

Of course, I participated in the sprint duathlon this weekend. The sprint duathlon consists of a 1 mile run - 10 mile bike - 5K run. For me, it is such a challenge and keeps my mind moving the entire race.

The course for Rock The Bay was pretty easy with a few exceptions. There was only one turn that was a little too tight and part of the road for the bike was SOOOO bumpy and rough, I think I did AT LEAST three “wheelies” just to avoid a flat tire.

There were only 31 participants in this particular event but nearly 900 participants overall.

I love these multi-sporting events because it brings so many people together. Like running, everyone has a reason why they participate and for some, it’s simply to challenge themselves mentally and physically. It’s like going to a rock concert and all the athletes are rock stars because they not only ran, they jumped on a bike or swam in the ocean. It amazes me every time!

After each race I check my time, think about how I felt and ALWAYS try to learn from my mistakes. My first lesson on Sunday was the first transition. It sucked! I thought I was organized but I wasn’t. I spent WAYYYY too much time in transition messing around with my shoes, helmet and hat.

The next lesson came from the bike. As I mentioned before, parts of the road was very rough. My back wheel got caught in a crack in the road, the potholes were so big, bad or packed all wrong I literally lifted my bike over the terrain! It was crazy! I was little scared too. LOL! No, seriously.

The third lesson, I will not doubt myself again. I saw an opportunity to beat someone, a man, who beats me every time. I was too scared to make a move too soon, so I waited. Once I found a little confidence, I gradually picked up the pace and when I was ready, I took off and I got him! LOL! If I would have made the move sooner, I could have shaved off time lost in that first transition. But, it’s all good!

So, there you have it! I have ONE MORE race of the season and I will be ready. What a year it’s been and I am so happy I made duathlons a significant part of 2018! I hope this inspires you to get out there and find something you can do athletically. Remember, being an athlete is anyone who moves and challenges themselves mentally and physically.

RESULTS: 1st place overall female | 1st place age division | 4th overall men and women | 1:02:57






TOMORROW is GLOBAL SPORTS BRA DAY and it's still CHILLY in San Diego! SDIT is also happening and I am a part of a TRI-RELAY team with TEAM HERevolution. Of course, I am going to be the runner in this mix and I have to say, I am nervous! Running 6 miles isn't the problem but running a good time is what I am worried about. So, I will be doing some praying, meditating and some positive thinking for tomorrow's race. What do you do when you get nervous before a race? What's funny about me being nervous, I haven't been this nervous in years...BUT...I am ready! So, bring it on SDIT relay teams! LOL!

Solana Beach Duathlon 2017

9th Overall Woman / 39th Overall Duathlon Competitor / 2nd Age Category

9th Overall Woman / 39th Overall Duathlon Competitor / 2nd Age Category

The Solana Beach Triathlon/Duathlon Series has come and gone. This event, by far, is my favorite event in San Diego. The only two things I don't like, OK, the ONE thing I don't like is my age written on my leg. The second thing is self inflicted...not enough training from time to time.

The FIRST reason why I love this event, it keeps my mind active and thinking throughout the race. Sometimes when you run a regular 10K and up, you are just running and I tend to get bored. Sorry, it's true. I love running but I have been running for a VERY LONG time. 


The SECOND reason why I love this event, the range of people that are out there SLAYING the course. Kids as young as 8 years old to adults as young as 80 years old. Yes, I am not kidding. Ladies, we are killing it out there and I do mean killing it in every shape and size! It's the way things should be in this world...a variety of peace!

The THIRD reason why I love this event, I get to see my friends I don't always see because of our schedule! I enjoy talking about training, running gear and the race course. It's great to catch up, compare notes and just have fun with other adults who are crazy like me.

The duathlon course consists of a 1 mile run, a 9 mile bike and a 3 miles run. I never worry about the running part but I do worry about the bike. I get killed on the bike every time. For one, I am pretty light and I don't train as consistently as I would like, so the ladies get me every time! Then there is the idea I might push myself too much and I will not be able to run those last 3 miles. One year, I won the event and for 2 years I was in the top three. When I focused on my speed and let that other sh$t go in my head, I was able to take on anyone! This year, I decided to have fun and still did better than average! I am happy with my results.

I can not speak on the Triathlon but what I can say, the triathlon gets bigger and bigger EVERY YEAR, so KOZ is doing something right because people keep coming back!

This event is fantastic for beginners and for people who want to get a feel for doing a multi-sport. It's also a great training event for die-hard tri and du competitors. The running portion is flat and the cycling portion has a small incline of about 20-30%, give or take. The participants are supportive and nice (runners are supportive and nice) and this event definitely feeds your ego, makes you think and gives you an idea of what you really can do and what you may need to work on. 

There is live music, vendors and a small beer garden after the event. The weather is always perfect at this event, no sun and cool in the early morning hours. SIGN UP for next year's event and start training!

There are more duathlon events coming up here in San Diego! Sign up for one and have fun with it! 


Doing Something Different


I did it! Today I faced a fear that had been going on for TOO LONG. Riding my road bike. After falling several times (for no good reason, just tilted over) and having a head on collision with another cyclist during a duathlon competition, I put my bike away and didn't think about it for quite some time. It's been over a year now, if not more, and I miss teaching cycling classes and riding my road bike but this FEAR of riding just had me STUCK

So, to fight this fear, I went so far as to get my bike checked out at the bike shop, invest in a good helmet and keep my bike in my bedroom to motivate me. Did it work? NOPE. I STILL would get up every morning, walk right past the bike and put on my running shoes no matter how bad I wanted to ride my bike. 

Well, today was different. I had to get up, get going and thought to myself... if I put those running shoes on ONE MORE TIME before my cycling shoes, riding that bike was never going to happen. All morning, I fought with myself mentally while lying in bed staring at the ceiling. This is ridiculous! I started getting really sick of hearing all the excuses in my head, so I stopped thinking negative and started thinking about bike routes instead! I got up, found my cycling gear in record time and headed OUT before I could change my mind!

I got a good 11 miles in and it was great! My fear was tested with a couple of dumb-a$$ drivers veering over into the bike lane, riding too close to my bike and staring at me like I was an alien. A couple of male bikers sped past me while going down hill and I FELT like they were a little too close for comfort, but I survived.

Why am I sharing this silly story with you? Well, I am tired of being afraid to do things because of what has happened in the past. I am tired of watching my life pass me by because I am afraid to take a step out of my comfort zone or do something on my own. I recently shared this issue with a couple of close friends. We have decided to stop being afraid and start DOING!

Yes, last year I got knocked off my bike, got bruised up pretty bad and cried like a baby (just for a minute) BUT I didn't break anything. I dusted myself off and decided to finish that darn race with a flat tire and a bruised arm and I got THIRD PLACE FEMALE overall. I DID THAT!

When we get hurt in life, no matter how big or small, we can quickly forget about all the great things we have done. Past hurts can be dangerous if we allow them to take over our future. You have to fight against negative thoughts, behaviors and people to make a path for yourself. Sometimes it's hard but if you just "get on your bike and start pedaling" you will be surprised at how easy it can be. You just have to get started.