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This is FITNESS FRIDAY and I don't care if you have to walk, crawl, bike, scoot or RUN to your  local gym, park, pool, living room or bedroom to get your workout on.  
Dust off the equipment and GET IN THERE! 
NO EXCUSES to use the body you were blessed with!

Turn up the music and punch harder, 
kick higher, 
dance stronger, 
lift more. . .
just get that workout in, 
show the world what you are made of

What will you do?
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Love is in the air today and it doesn't matter who your lover is, there is always a way to celebrate Valentine's Day.  If you don't have a special guy or gal in your life right now. . .no worries! Pick up something special for yourself, enjoy it and "roll on", my friend.  Valentine's Day can be what you want it to be, just make sure you are happy and love is in your heart! 

Thank you for following my blog! Love you and Happy Valentine's Day!

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Not sure about you but Monday's are always hard for me.  I get too comfy during the weekends and if I get into a "vege" mode. . .I feel sorry for Monday.  But this weekend, I received a couple of weapons to get me going!

What's great about being a fitness instructor, I get to meet so many different people with so many different goals.  On Saturday, I met Robert and he had never taken my class but had been taking BodyPump for quite some time.  He whipped out a picture of himself, a before and after pic.  Robert had lost over 50 pounds within one year! Robert started to take BodyPump several times a week and he decided to become vegan.  He was so excited to be in the class, he just put me in another "state of mind" all weekend.  This guy has not only met his goal, he continues to work on himself and maintain what he has accomplished.

My view on the rain this weekend!
I know that a lot of cities are experiencing bad weather right now and it gets tough to get out and do the things you love to do, like RUNNING!  But flip the script this year.  I did.  I was always worried about my hair or clothes getting soaked but now, it's refreshing and makes me feel a little stronger.  At the beginning of the year I  purchased my new running shoes and was ready!  Of course, the first day of my running workout, it rained!!! AHHHH!  Normally, I would just wait and be a little discouraged but this time,  I layered up and headed out!!!  I am so glad that I did because now I gear up no matter if it is raining or not.

I came across this pic on Friday and for some reason it has motivated me in several ways.  The girl on the left. . .the hair, the body and the confidence. . .yes, it's a woman in shorts and heels wearing nothing else but her hair. . .but what IF!!! In my mind, I can get there. . .I COULD look like her. . .right! LOL! Well. . .let's just say when I do look in the mirror, I just see "Olive Oil" from Popeye, so I have a long way to go but I found SOMETHING that has motivated me to keep going!  LOL! What?

You need a beat to move your feet? RockMyRun has a new mix this morning called "The Juice".  It's an 80 minute mix with a smooth blend of swagger-filled Hip-Hop.  If you have not signed up for RockMyRun  you are really missing out on some great running workouts that will get your feet moving and your heart pounding.

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a different kinda gain!
As a personal trainer and youth coach, I live by what I preach.  I admit that I have my "zag" days of eating.  I know that there are days that are not always dedicated to training and staying in shape can be a task at times.  Why tell all and preach all? Because we are all still human and no one is perfect when it comes to taking care of themselves.  It's hard to follow the rules ALL the time and when we fall short too often, we definitely pay for it later.

This past weekend, I paid for it.  Going into a 4 days of HARD training with little or not recovery really burned me to the core.  I ran on Thursday, taught BodyPump on Friday (back to back), taught AGAIN on Saturday and ran my 6 miler on Sunday.  Oh, it didn't stop there. . .I got up on Monday taught BodyPump and CXWORX and THEN headed to work! Normally, I can do this and can brag about it, but this time. . .it's HOW I did it that cost me.  I not only teach but I participate with the class and I not only put on the weight. . .I loaded it on trying to be a bad a--! BIG MISTAKE!

When you do strength training, as you may or may not know, you are tearing down muscle fibers to build new muscle.  The soreness that you feel the day after, "Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness" can last up to 72 hours.  Here you are still burning calories and your muscles are working hard to rebuild.  You need a day to recover before heading into another strength day.  That is what I did NOT do.  Going into class #3, my legs were sore, weak and could not generate power to teach the class properly.  Why? No recovery.  After pushing myself, I developed an upset stomach, loss of appetite and I couldn't move!

Why am I sharing this? I want you to be safe when working out.   Many of us, not all of us, get caught up in the moment of being "strong" and "super-girl/man" like and we keep moving like the Energizer bunny.  It's a great euphoria but the crash and burn can last longer than the experience.  You have to take care of yourself and know when your body says STOP. . .you need to LISTEN!

Check out these tips on Muscle Relieve from Muscle Soreness! 
1.  Rest: Getting good sleep can help your body recuperate faster.  Not getting enough sleep will make your muscles soreness feel more intense.

2.  Active Recovery:  This may seem backwards for some but completing light exercise during the recovery phase may be the most promising method to not only alleviate the pain, but help reduce soreness.

3.  Hydration: (this played a BIG part in my recovery) Water can help flush out the toxins so the more water you drink, the better.  Not drinking enough water can cause the soreness to worsen, or even cause muscle cramps.

4. Proper Nutrition:  A balanced diet may help reduce muscle soreness.  If you are deficient in potassium, an electrolyte which is essential for muscle contractions, or you are not eating enough protein, muscle soreness may take longer to heal.  GET YOUR PROTEIN.

5.  NSAIDS:  non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin, or Alleve, can help reduce the pain of soreness, but does NOT speed up recovery.

Now putting all this together, if you are experiencing intense muscle soreness and pain after a workout, NSAIDS, topical gels, hydration, rest and a well balanced diet is your best bet to relieve the pain.  Then as the soreness becomes more bearable, throw in some active recovery, which has a powerful analgesic effect and may actually help speed up the recovery process.  (Don't go out and do 6 miles like I did!. . .OUCH!) For more information on this subject check out

Happy Running and Stay Safe!
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I am a runner and my husband is a golfer.  I will run for 13.1 miles on any given day. . .he will play 18 holes ALL DAY! . . .that didn't sound bitter did it? Even though our favorite sports are very different, we do find something that we can agree on.  My husband and I enjoy lifting weights, stretching and cycling together and when we do and I beat him. . .the time we spend together is amazing! LOL!

This week is Couples Week and that means grabbing your favorite guy or gal to go on a run with you or head to the gym!  Let's change it up a bit and see if you got what it takes to workout each other.  For some of us it is going to be interesting and for others not a problem! Right? What do you think?

Studies have shown that working out with your main squeeze has a lot of benefits.  When you workout together you are creating "us" time, you are motivating and actually reducing stress! Yes, reducing stress IF you let go of any criticisms you may have about your mate.  If one person is slower than the other, it wouldn't hurt, for just ONE day to roll out at their pace and just enjoy each other's company.  Getting motivated by your significant other is "real" motivation especially when your partner sees what you are doing, begins to understand your goals and notices how hard you are working to meet those goals. . .they will be able to motivate you in a way that no one else can!

Other benefits, building deeper bonds and common interests.  There is something about sports that just brings out the animal in all of us.  It can show a side of you that you would not necessary show at home with your bunny slippers on or when you are having a nice quiet dinner.  Sports brings out the competitive and wild side of you, allowing your partner to see a side of you that he or she may not ever see. Come on, show them the animal side and add a little spice to your relationship!

How can you two get started?   Easy! 
First, find a class that you can take together.  Make sure it works for the both of you and one doesn't feel intimidated by the other.

Second, find a treadmill or elliptical machine and workout side by side. My husband and I do this from time to time and it's fun (especially when I pull out the stop key. . .what?)! 

Third, before or after your workout, stretch out together. You can talk about each other's workout goals or how the workout makes you feel.

Don't be scared. . .just get moving together once or twice a week and see what you can get going in your relationship! . . .HEY, no fighting boys and girls! Have fun!