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When it’s time to do it inside… photographer William Choquette photographer William Choquette


The weather is not giving in to the sun and warm air and running outside is getting harder and harder. Of course, I am here to tell you “not to give up and find your way to a treadmill”! I know, I know. . .the treadmill can be a bit of a bore but there are ways to drum up your workout and stay in shape for all of your upcoming events.  Check out these ideas that will help keep you moving!

1. The Speed Demon.

Run easy for 10 minutes, then set the treadmill at a speed about 20 seconds faster per mile than your best recent 5-K pace. Run three 3-minute repeats at this speed, alternating with 3 minutes of very slow jogging. After completing a set of three repeats and recovery jogs, rest for 5 minutes by jogging. Then run a second set of three repeats and recovery jogs. When finished, run easily for 5 minutes to cool down.

2. The Progression.

Begin with a 10-minute warmup, and then set your treadmill at a speed of about 15 seconds faster per mile than your best recent 5-K pace (this new pace becomes your 5-K goal pace). For your first treadmill workout at this pace, run continuously for 5 minutes. Finish the workout with 10 to 20 minutes of easy cool-down running. For each of the next 10 weeks, run the same workout but increase the time you spend at your goal pace by 1 minute per week. At the end of 10 weeks, you should be able to run a 5-K race at your goal pace.

3. Indoor Hills.

Warm up for 10 minutes, then set the treadmill at your approximately marathon pace. (If you've never run a marathon, estimate your marathon time by multiplying your typical 10-K time by 4.65.) With the treadmill elevated 1 degree, run for 2 minutes at marathon pace, then elevate the incline to 2 degrees and run for 2 minutes. Next return to 1 degree for 2 minutes, but then climb to 3 degrees for 2 minutes.Continue in this manner, raising the grade on every other 2-minute repeat until you've reached 7 degrees (the inclination pattern is 1-2-1-3-1-4-1-5-1-6-1-7). If you feel exhausted before you reach 7 degrees, stop, and don't let it worry you. Try the workout several more times and you'll develop the ability to handle the hills. Finish the workout by running an easy 8- to 10-minute cooldown.

4. The Broderick Crawford.

This workout gets its name from its "10-4" pattern, a familiar phrase to fans of the old Highway Patrol TV series. Begin by warming up for 10 minutes, then run for 10 minutes at your current 10-K race pace. Jog very easily for 4 minutes to recover, then surge again for 10 minutes at your 10-K tempo. Recover for 4 minutes, and complete the workout with 10 minutes of easy cool-down running.By regularly running treadmill workouts like these, you can develop a better sense of pace, increase your running economy and learn to deal with hills more efficiently. Best of all, come spring, you'll be ready to set some new PRs.

Tasty Tuesday-KOMBUCHA



I am always looking for a great way to stay healthy from the inside out in the most natural way. A co-worker of mine told me about a drink that has really become popular in the past few months called Kombucha. I had heard of it before being in the fitness industry but never really thought to try it.  

Well, I have been drinking Kombucha for nearly 2 months now and I am hooked! I definitely have more energy, a healthier digestive system and free from "other" things I'd rather not share at this time. LOL! Let's just works!  

Now that Kombucha is the "new trend" there are variety of brands out there you can try. Even some restaurants here in CA have Kombucha on tap. My favorite brand is Heath-Ade Kombucha. My favorite flavor of the brand is ginger-lemon. There are many flavors and brands out there but I keep coming back to this particular brand and flavor.  

Now the first time I tried Kombucha I downed the whole bottle in one serving. About an hour later Mr. El Bano "aka toilet" became my best friend! So don't do that! I would suggest buying a couple of bottles at a time and drink smaller portions over a period of time. 

Check out the benefits below, try it and start getting your digestive system in check! 😆 

Kombucha Health Benefit #3 — Aids Digestion and Gut Health. Because it's naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability. (

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Monday MoJo



I got up this morning and leaped out of bed to go...ok...wait! Monday's can be tough and today was no exception. I actually, literally crawled out of bed, stumbled to the rest room, found my sports bra and put on my new kicks. It took me 15 mins to find my spi-belt which I couldn't find because my kids took it with them to camp, grabbed my phone and finally headed out the door.

Now! The first mile was slow but I did these 3 things to get into gear and NOW I am starting to have a great day...

Protein Coffee, ZeroWater, Kombucha and Oatmeal! 

Protein Coffee, ZeroWater, Kombucha and Oatmeal! 

1) took my time getting started.

2) played my favorite running music.

3) focused on all things that are good in my life, even if was just 2 things. LOL!

I finished running 6 miles, tonight I weight train. Right now I got all my healthy potions and ready to start my Monday.  Let's do this! Happy Monday!!!

Water Wednesday

Ladies: 2.2 liters/day Guys 3.3 liters/day

If you sprinkle when you tinkle. . .check the color! You're clear when it's clear.  Make sure you are getting 2-3 liters of water a day or 9-12 glasses of water.  Remember, water aids in beautiful skin, healthy hair and happy, hydrated organs.  Keep drinking, sipping and loving your water! 

Alii Sport

Ali'i (“Alii”), a chiefly or noble rank in ancient Hawaiian society. Alii Drive in Kona, Hawaii, is the finish line of the most iconic World Championship triathlon event. 

Alii pays tribute to the passion, motivation, determination and hard work that has gone into every athletes "journey to the finish line". Alii is all about embracing an athletic lifestyle! The brand values recognize those of endurance athletes, passionate about their sport, driven to succeed with a sense of mind over matter.

Where fashion meets performance!

What is your Intensity Level?

With any type of physical activity, there is some intensity big or small. Whether you are just riding your bike or on a serious training run there are stages that help you get into the shape that you want.  For me, I would have to say that Saturday through Monday are my more intense workout days because I am teaching and training my body at the same time. Tuesday through Friday would be less intense because  it is my recovery and maintenance days.  As you know each person is different according to their lives and schedules but somehow we make it work.   

And even though there are so many different types of heart rate monitors, pedometers and GPS gadgets on the market, it makes it even easier to chart your intensity level with a press of a button.  Yet, at the end of the day, I still like the "old school" way of listening your body because on game day . . .it's just you and your physical abilities and not your gadget.  

Here is a great "Intensity Chart" that can help you "read" yourself while training.  As always, I am not knocking a good heart rate monitor or having the latest GPS gadget (I definitely have my own), but it's always good to know what your body is capable of doing.  Check out these stages and the examples listed below that can also help.

Examples of Intensity Levels

ie.1.When you are doing a "tempo" run, you are usually maintaining a challenging pace.  This would be considered a level 8.  You have pushed yourself passed your comfort zone but can finish the workout.

ie.2.During my boot camp sessions, I have my participants do a "progressive" 60 meter run after a leg workout.  I don't want them to pull anything so, I have them start at a level 5 or 6 for the first 20 meters, increase to a level 7 and then hold at a level 8 during the last 20 meters.

ie.3.Two weeks before a half marathon, my partner and I will do a hard level 9 "almost half marathon" to see where we are at after weeks of training.  We do not talk and near the last third of our run breathing is NO JOKE but we still have a little gas in the tank.


This past weekend I had the opportunity and now the "honor" of watching my oldest daughter run the 1600m race and the Distance Medley Relay at a local high school distance invitational.  Like most parents, I still see my girls as these little babies who can barely walk and I forget that they are big enough to handle some of the challenges that life hands to them.  So, needless to say, I was scrrred...sick to my stomach and FREAK'N out when the gun went off and she quickly finds her way to the front. . .like. . .the first 50 METERS she's out in front? 

Ahhh!!! Really?... I think to myself, "what the heck is she doing?. . .does she have a strategy. . .what the?. . ."!  Outwardly I cheered her on with a smile, clapping my hands.
The second lap comes and she lost a little momentum and one of the runners jumped in front of her and she took a small lead.  I (annoying parent) strategically found a spot at the 110 meter mark and as she passes I yell "Who's race is this, Nia?". Of course, in my mind no one heard me but Nia (yeah, I was loud, I'm THAT parent) but  it worked. . .she pushes her way back to the front and she held the lead for the rest of the race and wins!  I found out later that her heat was set to be the slowest heat and it suddenly became one of two of the fastest heats out of 6! I learned at the moment that she became an instant game changer because she had a plan. . .a strategy. . ."her plan/her strategy".

It's Monday and you can be the game changer in whatever you do today.  You can set up the entire week and make it a productive and positive one no matter what situation you are in. You might be thinking "but this is my situation and really, where do I start? How do I  'change the game?" . . .Well, let's start there because that's the beauty of it. . .NOT knowing.  Think about it, my girl  is a freshman.  She only knows what she knows and what her coach trains her for.  She is "fresh" with not knowing so her ceiling is set high and unlimited.   She is pushing forward with what she loves to do and she doesn't want to stop.

If you are a runner, cyclist, artist, doctor or a stay-at-home parent trying to find a way to become better or just be happy. . .you have it and you don't know it.  You need a "fresh"man mind to raise your ceiling and change the game.  You do not have to settle with where you are in your life, where you are in relationships or with your fitness goal.  If you have a strategy that you truly believe will get you to the finish line successfully, do it.  If you fall, stubble or someone gets in the way of what you want. . .keep going!

One thing that my daughter shared with me after her race was this.  As she was running and feeling good about her pace,  someone planted themselves on the sidelines to tell her (while she was running) that she was running too fast and to slow down.  She wasn't surprised at this person, decided not to listen and run harder.  She wanted to win and that's the mindset that we can all learn from.  Do not listen to the negative, roll with positive and go get what you have worked so hard for.  You never know, you may win that gold medal and surprise everyone! 

Pretty cool lesson to learn from a "FrOshman". . .as I laugh out loud!


This is FITNESS FRIDAY and I don't care if you have to walk, crawl, bike, scoot or RUN to your  local gym, park, pool, living room or bedroom to get your workout on.  
Dust off the equipment and GET IN THERE! 
NO EXCUSES to use the body you were blessed with!

Turn up the music and punch harder, 
kick higher, 
dance stronger, 
lift more. . .
just get that workout in, 
show the world what you are made of

What will you do?
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When it comes to meeting new people and obtaining new friends, for me, there are no limitations.  I love learning about people's pasts, present and futures. . .what makes them "move" just inspires me.  Dereine Coleman is no exception.  My featured friend this week has an amazing soul.  Her smile brings you joy, her story, warmth.  Running is not new to her and like many of us, it has helped her get through some of life's greatest challenges.  Read part one of this amazing Friday Friend and be inspired to push yourself to do more!. . .NEW YORK IN THE HOUSE!!!. . .sorry, had to throw that in there. :s

Dereine:  HA!...I've been a fitness buff since the early 80s when Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons were the fitness gurus.  High top aerobic shoes, thong leotards and leg warmers were it.  I was living in Washington D.C. at the time and I joined an all woman's gym called "Spa Lady".  In 1998, I moved back to my home in Bronx, New York and joined Bally's Sports Club.  I was hooked and a bit obsessed about working out.  Yes, I became a "gym rat".

In 2001, my company participated in a running event, the Chase Corporate Challenge (now known as JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge), which is an annual series of 5K road races promoting "fitness in the workplace".  I was captain for my company and took it seriously, so I created running/walking schedules for my co-workers, promoted healthy eating and stirred up some excitement throughout the office.  I started to love running and since then I have completed duathlons, triathlons, marathons and even biked from Boston to New York! I was. . .I mean, I am an athlete!

In the midst of all my events, I quickly joined the New York Road Runners Club and participated in their weekly/montly races.  I found myself running with them every chance available, collecting an obscene amount of t-shirts, numbers and medals.  I was hooked!! The adrenaline rush I felt before, during and after each race was overwhelming.  Running became my therapy! If I were angry or sad, I would run.  If I were happy and energetic, I would run.  I used running to get my creative juices flowing.  I could solve world issues after a good run.  I was cleansing and I started to notice my weight was manageable and that my desire to be healthy increased!  Running caused this domino effect in my mind and body. . .I was living in heaven! Also, when that gun goes off for every run I participate in, that first step. . .all racial, physical, educational and economical factors disappear, they don't matter.  These barriers do not exist when you are running.  The common goal is to finish and it is refreshing.

When it comes to running and fitness, I find that so many people inspire me.  I've run beside the elderly, the blind and the handicapped.  I am in awe of their will, their tenacity and focus.  When I am running and that annoying voice in my head starts whining about being tired, hungry, etc. . .I can look to my right or left and see a 75 year old woman in her cute running gear, the blind man being guided or someone with a prosthetic and I think to myself "really Dereine, that's all you got?".  

Over the past year, I joined Black Girls Run and this group has empowered me to share my gift of health and love of running with other women, no matter what their ethnicity.  I've always been a cheerleader for others, but now I find myself on my personal runs shouting out at women in my local park saying "YOU GO GIRL!".   My advise to other women. . .take another woman by the hand who may not be as active or healthy and encourage her to change the way she views her body and overall health.  Share your gift with others, that is truly what being an athlete is all about.

Happy running, be inspired and do something to make someone else smile!
Dereine, thank you for your story. . .you are truly an inspiration and a strong reminder why runners are so special! LOVE. . .