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This past weekend I had the opportunity and now the "honor" of watching my oldest daughter run the 1600m race and the Distance Medley Relay at a local high school distance invitational.  Like most parents, I still see my girls as these little babies who can barely walk and I forget that they are big enough to handle some of the challenges that life hands to them.  So, needless to say, I was scrrred...sick to my stomach and FREAK'N out when the gun went off and she quickly finds her way to the front. . .like. . .the first 50 METERS she's out in front? 

Ahhh!!! Really?... I think to myself, "what the heck is she doing?. . .does she have a strategy. . .what the?. . ."!  Outwardly I cheered her on with a smile, clapping my hands.
The second lap comes and she lost a little momentum and one of the runners jumped in front of her and she took a small lead.  I (annoying parent) strategically found a spot at the 110 meter mark and as she passes I yell "Who's race is this, Nia?". Of course, in my mind no one heard me but Nia (yeah, I was loud, I'm THAT parent) but  it worked. . .she pushes her way back to the front and she held the lead for the rest of the race and wins!  I found out later that her heat was set to be the slowest heat and it suddenly became one of two of the fastest heats out of 6! I learned at the moment that she became an instant game changer because she had a plan. . .a strategy. . ."her plan/her strategy".

It's Monday and you can be the game changer in whatever you do today.  You can set up the entire week and make it a productive and positive one no matter what situation you are in. You might be thinking "but this is my situation and really, where do I start? How do I  'change the game?" . . .Well, let's start there because that's the beauty of it. . .NOT knowing.  Think about it, my girl  is a freshman.  She only knows what she knows and what her coach trains her for.  She is "fresh" with not knowing so her ceiling is set high and unlimited.   She is pushing forward with what she loves to do and she doesn't want to stop.

If you are a runner, cyclist, artist, doctor or a stay-at-home parent trying to find a way to become better or just be happy. . .you have it and you don't know it.  You need a "fresh"man mind to raise your ceiling and change the game.  You do not have to settle with where you are in your life, where you are in relationships or with your fitness goal.  If you have a strategy that you truly believe will get you to the finish line successfully, do it.  If you fall, stubble or someone gets in the way of what you want. . .keep going!

One thing that my daughter shared with me after her race was this.  As she was running and feeling good about her pace,  someone planted themselves on the sidelines to tell her (while she was running) that she was running too fast and to slow down.  She wasn't surprised at this person, decided not to listen and run harder.  She wanted to win and that's the mindset that we can all learn from.  Do not listen to the negative, roll with positive and go get what you have worked so hard for.  You never know, you may win that gold medal and surprise everyone! 

Pretty cool lesson to learn from a "FrOshman". . .as I laugh out loud!

Staying in Shape and Keeping my body Moving!
Right now I am on this crazy-butt agenda to become a fittest NIC I can possibly be.  I am in pretty good shape right now but I want to be stronger, faster and the best at 42 years.  For the past 2 years I have been up and down with my weight and not as strong as I used to be at 38 or 39.  I was constantly getting sick, having a hard time being fit and getting tired, faster.  Try being half of what you are and you have to encourage others every day. . .UGH!

So the challenge for me. . . to run more, increase my caloric intake and train smarter.  When I teach I have to workout with my participants, so I workout harder and if I'm still not challenged, I start to PUSH!  This weeks challenge was Monday night's  Les Mills BodyAttack.  I had taken the class before but could never keep up because I have terrible coordination, but I had to get that thought out of my mind and just do it!

Brent McLemore "the best BA instructor"
It was my second time taking Attack in the past 3 weeks and let me tell you I had a blast and the next day. . .OUCH! Not only was I able to keep up I was able to finish the class strong. I am definitely going back for more and that's after teaching 2 classes the same day!

Another reason why I want to challenge myself,  my daughters.   They are both in competitive sports and I want them to understand if you want to be one of the best, you have to work hard.  I am not going to raise weak girls, mentally or physically.

Last, then I am done. . .I promise.  I have been blessed to have a body that works and can move.  There are so many people who cannot do what regular people can do whether they are handicap, sick or just not motivated.  There is no reason not to get moving body fit and keep it healthy.

Running and being fit is my life.  It has helped me through two pregnancies, depression and grief (along with a little prayer).  The reason why I do what I do is to motivate and hopefully help someone others.  If I fail at running/fitness then I fail myself (the base and core of who I am) and those around me.

What are you doing again to be the best you can be?
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What will motivate you to get up and start working out? There are so many men and women out there who truly believe that running, lifting weights and even yoga is a waste of time.  They are too busy working, taking care of family or just ignoring the fact exercise is as important as breathing.   The human body is built to move.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, scientifically and super naturally the body moving machine and in order to keep that body, you need to exercise.  

I know, it's time to click the "X" button and move on to the next blog but take a few minutes to see what points will motivate you to move.  

1) When you exercise you reduce the risk developing and illness or diseases that kill thousands of men and women everyday, from heart disease to cardiovascular disease.  Whether you want to believe it or not, you are wanted. . . by your family, friends and buddies.

2) When you exercise you start to burn fat and gain muscle.  When you gain muscle you start to protect tendons and bones that can be easily broken when not protected by muscle.  Your waistline decreases in size and you start to see YOUR UNIQUE figure that everyone would love to see!

3) When you exercise and or run, you reduce your doctor visits! Now unless your doctor looks like David Beckham or Halle Berry then I understand your doctor visits but usually not.  I don't like going to the doctor and when I go to get my yearly, it's now a competition with myself to see if I am more healthy this year than I was last year.  That's not only less visits to the doctor but money in your pocket!

4) Did you know that exercise (especially running) can be therapeutic?  When you get into a normal routine of exercise it can become a release to all your everyday stresses? You start to look forward to working out and it gives you a whole new focus on life and your body.  

5) If you start to run (which is one of my favorite things to do) you start to develop strong runner's legs and a stronger core.  It's one of the fastest ways to burn calories and lose weight.  

I could go ON and ON but I think you've got the idea.  Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and think about how you could increase your energy, reshape your body and move into a lifestyle that can only help you become healthier and more secure in who YOU are.  Let's get moving! 

I want to thank all the men and women who serve our country and to those Veteran's that have protected us in the past.  Have a wonderful Veteran's day!


Congratulations to the Varsity Girls RB Cross Country Team for taking 1st place in the Co-League Cross Country Championship.  Also, freshman_my daughter Nia. . .fantastic job on placing 8th place and making 1st team top 10 runners this weekend!

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I usually have a pretty good idea of what I am going to share throughout the week. It's all in my head or  sketched out on a piece of paper.  I usually have some great information to share in hopes that I can help someone out in the short or long run of things, but today. . .I got 'nuttin". . . profound or educational.  I just want to do nothing and "RUN"!

Going into a long holiday weekend, I just wanted Sunday.  Sunday was the ONE day I was going to do "nothing".  I didn't schedule a run,  didn't have an event to attend and I just wanted to chill as HARD as I could.  Well, that "chill" lasted for about two days and now all I have been thinking about in the past 3 hours is running.  So, why haven't I taken the Nike challenge and "Just Do It"? In reality, I get really busy being a wife, mom, designer and trainer.  My day is scheduled down to the minute and if I do not get my run on in the morning while others are asleep, it is not going to get done.  Every day is never my own, so when I miss the window, I miss the window.  BLAH!   

For me, thinking about running is like thinking about a brand new pair of shoes (not running shoes, pumps, my friend!) I want to purchase but don't really need.  I begin to think about my workout schedule, who I am going to run with and how it will feel the first time out after a nice long break.  I start researching new ways of training and calculate how I am going to apply it and share it all with others.  Yes, I need these things for running but not RIGHT now. 

I also start to collect things that will motivate me to run, like another new pair of running shoes.  I make sure my GPS tracker is up to date, my favorite music is uploaded and ready to go, the gear is looks good and it's functional. . .everything a normal person would not think about.  I wonder if my next run will be a 10K or do I want to grow some hair on my chest and another 1/2 marathon (yes, 1/2 not full). 
 I'd Rather Be Running because it is the only time I feel like myself whether good or bad.  Each step I take tells me a little bit about how I feel that day.  Every breath reminds me that I am very much alive and ready for anything.  When my muscles are in motion, I feel REALLY strong and even though I know I am no bigger than your average skeleton, in my mind I am a thick, muscular, super-hero type with really big ta-tas (What?)! I don't know what that's about but it's like thinking you look like Halle Berry and. . .well. . .you really don't! LOL!

I'd Rather Be Running instead of being in California traffic, going to work, picking up kids or cleaning my house.  Yes, you can image how nice my crib looks right now and yes, I love CA, my husband (today) and my kids. . .but there are days I just want to skip all that and run. Running is definitely my little escape.  How do you motivate yourself to start running again? However you do it, RUN HAPPY!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

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