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What is your Intensity Level?

With any type of physical activity, there is some intensity big or small. Whether you are just riding your bike or on a serious training run there are stages that help you get into the shape that you want.  For me, I would have to say that Saturday through Monday are my more intense workout days because I am teaching and training my body at the same time. Tuesday through Friday would be less intense because  it is my recovery and maintenance days.  As you know each person is different according to their lives and schedules but somehow we make it work.   

And even though there are so many different types of heart rate monitors, pedometers and GPS gadgets on the market, it makes it even easier to chart your intensity level with a press of a button.  Yet, at the end of the day, I still like the "old school" way of listening your body because on game day . . .it's just you and your physical abilities and not your gadget.  

Here is a great "Intensity Chart" that can help you "read" yourself while training.  As always, I am not knocking a good heart rate monitor or having the latest GPS gadget (I definitely have my own), but it's always good to know what your body is capable of doing.  Check out these stages and the examples listed below that can also help.

Examples of Intensity Levels

ie.1.When you are doing a "tempo" run, you are usually maintaining a challenging pace.  This would be considered a level 8.  You have pushed yourself passed your comfort zone but can finish the workout.

ie.2.During my boot camp sessions, I have my participants do a "progressive" 60 meter run after a leg workout.  I don't want them to pull anything so, I have them start at a level 5 or 6 for the first 20 meters, increase to a level 7 and then hold at a level 8 during the last 20 meters.

ie.3.Two weeks before a half marathon, my partner and I will do a hard level 9 "almost half marathon" to see where we are at after weeks of training.  We do not talk and near the last third of our run breathing is NO JOKE but we still have a little gas in the tank.


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