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Studies have recently found that a healthy diet, exercising and not smoking are known to reduce the risk of cancer.  These findings are nothing new.  As stated in an earlier blog, only 31% of American's are physically active and I am talking about putting in 30 minutes a day of exercise (from walking to running).  For many years science has suggested eating a certain way to prevent cancer, high blood pressure and even heart disease but the truth is exercise can lower the risk for various diseases all at the same time.  

The following healthy habits to reducing your risk of cancer are listed below:
1) Being physically active: According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine getting at least 2.7 hours of exercise a week will improve your overall health.  That is only 30 minutes a day for 5 days.  Runners, you already have a great advantage if you are on a training schedule for your next event. 
2) Maintaining a healthy weight:  Getting a yearly physical and check with your doctor will help determine your ideal weight.  What's important to watch is your waist to hip ratio, listening to your doctor and making sure you are maintaining your weight in the healthiest way possible.
3) Eating a healthy diet:  Yes, those chips and cookies will have to go "bye-bye".  Eating more fruit and vegetables rich in color will help not only prevent various cancers but also help with high cholesterol and blood pressure.  
4) Keeping cholesterol under control: Again, talk to your doctor about your cholesterol levels.  Learn what is good cholesterol and what is bad. . .get educated and stick to your doctor's plan.  
5) Lowering blood pressure:  Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of your arteries and with high blood pressure, it is moving through your arteries higher than normal.  Many times, high blood pressure is silent, which means you may not feel the symptoms.  Get regular check up s with your doctor because this is a common health problem.  
6) Keeping blood sugar in check:  Checking your blood pressure helps you see how food, physical activity and medicine affect your blood sugar levels.  Your doctor can determine how often you need to check it and what your target blood sugar levels should be.  
7) Do not smoke.  I want to say more about this but just saying "Just DON'T SMOKE" is enough!  If I list reasons why "NOT to SMOKE" this blog entry would be WAY too long.

There are so many new studies out on how to prevent cancer. Scientists are getting closer and closer every day on fighting this deadly disease.  I am always reading about what needs to be done to prevent cancer since it has run in my family.  So, in the meantime, let's try and prevent future cases, get involved in a sport that you thoroughly enjoy doing and get your heart rate up 2-3 times a week to get you on the right track to a healthier you!