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That Last Minute Decision


Well, the craziness continues and if you’ve been following me, it’s no secret that I am enjoying the craziness. The latest challenge, the Temecula Half Marathon. The struggle is real! LOL! I just started my endurance training 2 weeks ago! #craziness

A month ago, I was up to 7 or 8 miles and I was in duathlon shape but not really “half marathon” shape. I knew the Temecula Half was coming up and I was an entry winner from a previous run. All I had to do was sign up, but October 21st arrived sooner than expected. Dang it!


Well, two weeks ago, a good friend of mine convinced me to join her for her Sunday morning 10 miler training runs. TEN! She didn’t have to twist my arm because I was ready for the challenge and MAN I felt it. 2 weekends in a row.

I finally signed up for the Temecula half last Thursday and started praying and thinking_A LOT.

I wanted to finish the race in 1 hour and 40 “something’ minutes. I refused to completely stop. If I stopped running I better be walking at a fast pace. I knew I would be good for AT LEAST 10 miles. Well, 11 miles into it, I was AOK! Miles 12 and 13? Those two miles were another story but I ran/walk the last hill and sprinted to the finish because a couple of women decided to race me to the finish. UGH! I got’em. LOL!

SANDY FEET EVENTS did a great job with this half marathon. In the past, the route has been very hilly and we ran on an uneven dirt road. This year, the route was pretty straight forward. The road was paved and the only challenge was an 800 feet elevation between mile 3 and 7. No complaints AT ALL. I think “real races” should be challenging and this one delivered. The wine and beer garden was amazing but they needed more taco trucks! So, great job TEMECULA HALF and to the crazy, hardworking ladies of SANDY FEET EVENTS_”thank you” for a great time.


What I want to share with you…how MIND over MATTER really does work and this is how it worked for me.

  1. Stop doubting yourself. If you put the work in, have a grasp of what’s going on and you love what you do_leave doubt at the door.

  2. Visualize. For three days I visualized myself running each mile. I knew how I would feel and I could see myself running a particular pace, even if I had to walk, I knew how that would look and applied it to my Sunday’s race.

  3. Be realistic. At one point in my half marathon running life, I could pace at a 7:30-7:35 minute mile. I KNEW I was not prepared for that, so I figured if I could pace at an 8:30 mile, I would be good. 8:19 was my average pace.

  4. Stay strong mentally, physically and spiritually. I kept a positive mind, took care of my body and stayed positive. The day before the race, someone shared their negative/doubtful thoughts towards my race goal. It took me by surprise but I didn’t let it bother me. Right then and there, I knew I was ready for this race and would be successful.

  5. Learn from your experience. Each race I participate in, I learn more and more about who I am. No matter where I am in life. This race taught me, “mind over matter” is powerful and I need to start applying this theory to my real life. It’s happening and my life will be awesome and I am excited for the future!



Let's Keep Moving

The key for the next few days is to keep moving.  Christmas is a time to spend with family, eat lots of food and re-coop before the New Year.  A very easy way to pack on the pounds and lose sight of "the goal".  Here are some easy moves you can do ANYWHERE and stay fit when the season is pushing against you!  Happy Holidays!

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Michelle Carter wins the GOLD in the Women's Shot Put-1st American woman to win the gold!

Michelle Carter wins the GOLD in the Women's Shot Put-1st American woman to win the gold!

First, I do not want to discredit any of the American men who are competing in the Olympics BUT THAT AMERICAN GIRL POWER IS AMAZING RIGHT NOW! The US women are dominating in their respective sports. Whether they are bringing home the gold or blessed to just compete on the world's largest competitive playground, I thoroughly enjoy watching, reading and learning about their journey to the Olympics. 

Have you noticed that the different body types that are competing? Ranging from very tiny and light to thick and beautiful! Again, proves my theory as a fitness expert, women can be perfect, amazing and powerful no matter what size we are.

  • Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. weight 104 pounds / height of 4'9" to
  • Olympic Shot Putter Michelle Carter. weight 260 pounds / height 5'9"  (first female and African American woman to win the gold in the shot put)
  • Olympic beach volleyball player Walsh Jennings. 157 pounds / height 6'2" 

Have you noticed the diversity? I have to say it because I am a little partial but black women are show what-they-got this year. I feel like I can actually see myself, my family competing at levels that we have been told we can not. Swimming, volleyball, soccer, fencing and gymnastics. Ladies, thank you for pushing yourselves! It's great to watch the Olympics with my daughters and remind them they CAN be great and they CAN compete in any sport that interests them. No matter how short, tall, big or small they think they are. The opportunities are endless.

Well, that's all I have...I need to get back to watching the Olympics and cheering on MY GIRLS!

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Monday MoJo



I got up this morning and leaped out of bed to go...ok...wait! Monday's can be tough and today was no exception. I actually, literally crawled out of bed, stumbled to the rest room, found my sports bra and put on my new kicks. It took me 15 mins to find my spi-belt which I couldn't find because my kids took it with them to camp, grabbed my phone and finally headed out the door.

Now! The first mile was slow but I did these 3 things to get into gear and NOW I am starting to have a great day...

Protein Coffee, ZeroWater, Kombucha and Oatmeal! 

Protein Coffee, ZeroWater, Kombucha and Oatmeal! 

1) took my time getting started.

2) played my favorite running music.

3) focused on all things that are good in my life, even if was just 2 things. LOL!

I finished running 6 miles, tonight I weight train. Right now I got all my healthy potions and ready to start my Monday.  Let's do this! Happy Monday!!!

Water Wednesday

Ladies: 2.2 liters/day Guys 3.3 liters/day

If you sprinkle when you tinkle. . .check the color! You're clear when it's clear.  Make sure you are getting 2-3 liters of water a day or 9-12 glasses of water.  Remember, water aids in beautiful skin, healthy hair and happy, hydrated organs.  Keep drinking, sipping and loving your water! 

Alii Sport

Ali'i (“Alii”), a chiefly or noble rank in ancient Hawaiian society. Alii Drive in Kona, Hawaii, is the finish line of the most iconic World Championship triathlon event. 

Alii pays tribute to the passion, motivation, determination and hard work that has gone into every athletes "journey to the finish line". Alii is all about embracing an athletic lifestyle! The brand values recognize those of endurance athletes, passionate about their sport, driven to succeed with a sense of mind over matter.

Where fashion meets performance!



Building Muscle

Each one of us are different and I am sure that our workouts are also different to accommodate our needs.  As a runner, we do not have to get involved with a lot of weight training or even body building.  Did you know that too much weight training for runners will build muscle but also weight you down if you go over board.  Think about it, you do not see any of the Kenyan runners in the weight rooms trying to pack on the muscle.  They run, run and RUN! Did I say "run"? Having said that, not many of us are Kenyan runners, we are everyday people who run for the enjoyment and challenge of it.  We have to make sure we are getting the right nutrients and protein to build the proper balance of muscle for our sport!

Proteins are very important for building AND repairing muscles, red blood cells, hair and other tissues.  it is necessary for synthesizing hormones.  Next to water, proteins are the most abundant substances in most cells.  From the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Protein is digested into 22 amino acids, 13 of which the body manufactures.  


As a personal trainer and running coach, I always emphasize to my clients and athletes (particularly women) to make sure they are getting their protein soon after their workout.  You have about an hour window and it can be in the form of a smoothie, eggs, protein bars or drinks.  If you are not sure what proteins you can use, check with your doctor and local personal trainer.  Some of the protein powder on the market are high in calories and contains A LOT of sugar.  For me, I can not easily digest proteins high in sugar because it upsets my stomach.  I love easy dissolving "whey" proteins.  Those work best for me.  

So, make sure after a long run or strength workout, you are getting your protein and drinking A LOT of water.  Feed your muscles and don't let them break down and tear up.  It takes longer to repair when you do not get your protein which means you stay sore longer and prone to injuries.  

Ladies, make sure you get your protein to help protect those aging muscles.  We need to stay strong and move our bodies.  If you are intense with your workouts like I am, check out the formula below to make sure your body gets what it needs to keep your muscles healthy! Same for the guys as well!

1. Calculate your weight in kg: body weight in pounds  X  0.45 = body weight in kg.

2.  Multiply weight in kg by 0.8.  The result is the grams of protein you should consume per day.

For Example: body weight is 160 lbs.

1.  160 lb.  X  0.45 = 72kg body weight

2.  72 kg X  0.8 = 57.6 grams of protein per day

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What Motivates Me?

What motivates you? I know what motivates me. Right now "TheRock" and images of extremely strong women. "TheRock" because he follows a very strict work schedule and makes sure his workouts come 4AM first! The Rock seems to be very discipline, knows exactly what he wants out of life and he is going for it.  He wants to conquer the world one movie, project and television show at a time. Having said that, he makes sure his health comes first.  He is in the gym or on the elliptical every morning, no exceptions. Go ROCK!

Strong women...well, need I say more? Every day I strive to be my best physically, even when I fall to the waste-side at times. When I see images of other women building a stronger body, inspiring others to push past their limits and exude happiness, it makes me want to do more.  It can be hard at times to stay in a positive mindset so make sure you surround yourself that makes you smile, put one foot in front of the other and never give up!

Again, what motivates you?

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What is your Intensity Level?

With any type of physical activity, there is some intensity big or small. Whether you are just riding your bike or on a serious training run there are stages that help you get into the shape that you want.  For me, I would have to say that Saturday through Monday are my more intense workout days because I am teaching and training my body at the same time. Tuesday through Friday would be less intense because  it is my recovery and maintenance days.  As you know each person is different according to their lives and schedules but somehow we make it work.   

And even though there are so many different types of heart rate monitors, pedometers and GPS gadgets on the market, it makes it even easier to chart your intensity level with a press of a button.  Yet, at the end of the day, I still like the "old school" way of listening your body because on game day . . .it's just you and your physical abilities and not your gadget.  

Here is a great "Intensity Chart" that can help you "read" yourself while training.  As always, I am not knocking a good heart rate monitor or having the latest GPS gadget (I definitely have my own), but it's always good to know what your body is capable of doing.  Check out these stages and the examples listed below that can also help.

Examples of Intensity Levels

ie.1.When you are doing a "tempo" run, you are usually maintaining a challenging pace.  This would be considered a level 8.  You have pushed yourself passed your comfort zone but can finish the workout.

ie.2.During my boot camp sessions, I have my participants do a "progressive" 60 meter run after a leg workout.  I don't want them to pull anything so, I have them start at a level 5 or 6 for the first 20 meters, increase to a level 7 and then hold at a level 8 during the last 20 meters.

ie.3.Two weeks before a half marathon, my partner and I will do a hard level 9 "almost half marathon" to see where we are at after weeks of training.  We do not talk and near the last third of our run breathing is NO JOKE but we still have a little gas in the tank.